Бюллетень ННПЦССХ Сердечно-сосудистые заболевания

Бюллетень «НЦССХ им. А.Н. Бакулева» РАМН
Сердечно-сосудистые заболевания

Bulletin of Bakoulev CCVS for Cardiovascular Surgery Cardiovascular diseases

The objectives of The Bulletin of Bakoulev Center “Cardiovascular Diseases” include coverage of diagnostics issues, conservative, interventional and surgical treatment of patients with congenital and acquired heart defects, ischemic heart disease, vascular disorders, terminal heart failure, interactive pathology, as well as their rehabilitation.

Among the Bulletin sections are reviews, original articles, brief reports, lectures, history of science, scientific achievements and other.

The articles by experts of the National Scientific and Practical Center for Cardiovascular Surgery containing in-depth analysis of the Centre activities as the leading institution of the industry in various scientific and clinical areas as well as analytical reports of its separate structural units are published here. The journal provides authors from all regions of Russia and from abroad pages for publication of their materials, thus becoming a platform for scientific discussions, exchange of information, sharing of experience.

The Bulletin is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission for publication of basic results of dissertations for candidate and doctor of medical and biological sciences degrees.

Among the most prominent periodicals of Russia it was included in the list of journals indexed by Russian Science Citation Index on Web of Science platform.

The Bulletin was founded in 2000. The issues are published once in two months.

Editor-in-Chief - Academician of RAS and RAMS L.A. Bockeria.

Editorial Board

  • Alekyan B.G., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Barbarash L.S., Academician of RAS (Kemerovo);
  • Belenkov Yu.N., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Belov Yu.V., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Bockeria O.L., Corresponding Member of RAS (Moscow);
  • Gavrilenko A.V., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Gel'fand B.R., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Golukhova E.Z., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Zelenikin M.M., MD, PhD, DSc, Professor (Moscow),
    Executive Secretary;
  • Klyuchnikov I.V., MD, PhD, DSc, Professor (Moscow);
  • Makhachev O.A., MD, PhD, DSc (Moscow);
  • Nasonov E.L., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Nikitina T.G., MD, PhD, DSc, Professor (Moscow);
  • Paleev N.R., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Piradov M.A., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Podzolkov V.P., Academician of RAS (Moscow),
    Deputy Editor-in-Chief;
  • Skopin I.I., MD, PhD, DSc, Professor (Moscow);
  • Stupakov I.N., MD, PhD, DSc, Professor (Moscow);
  • Fal'kovskiy G.E., MD, PhD, DSc, Professor (USA);
  • Shevchenko Yu.L., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Yarustovskiy M.B., Corresponding Member of RAS (Moscow).

Editorial Council

  • Bunyatyan A.A., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Kirienko A.I., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Kubyshkin V.A., Academician of RAS (Moscow);
  • Pokrovskiy A.V., Academician of RAS (Moscow)

The journal is indexded in the following databases

  • Ulrich’s International Periodical’s Directory
  • Russian Science Citation Index
  • on the base of Web of Science
  • Rossiyskiy indeks Nauchnogo tsitirovaniya
  • Tsentr elektronnykh resursov «Rukont»
  • Agentstvo «Kniga-servis»
  • Agentstvo «Press-Med»

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